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Why use a Forex Virtual Private Server (VPS)?

Forex VPS hosting for MT4 and Expert Advisors.

Forex VPS Hosting for MetaTrader 4, cTrader and other trading platforms. 1ms latency to Forex Brokers. Equinix locations: London, New York, Tokyo, Zurich. Low latency Forex VPS Fast order execution means you have a better chance of getting your order filled in front of other traders who are competing for the same price. Fast execution means more pips and this is the reason traders around the world trust FXVM for their high frequency trading needs.

How Does VPS Work in Forex Trading?

Our service is not exclusive to forex trading, and can be used with any regular Windows application, as well as all types of trading, all brokers, and all software platforms. Each VPS is deployed with an isolated installation of Windows Server R2 (or ), which looks and responds just like a normal PC.

This means you get exactly what you pay for! Furthermore, we make sure you're as close to your brokers server as possible, so you can execute your trades at lightning speeds. FXVM's networks do not host websites, rich media, or other applications that pose a risk to maintaining rock-solid connectivity. Our service provides hosting for traders and financial applications only. If you're happy, you can continue the VPS service with the same data and configuration.

As a first time user of a VPS, found it very user friendly and was recommended to use Wow first time I uesed a VPS easy and perfet very happy with the service working grea Reliable service for my trading accounts. No problems at all. Service is great and i can trust that my trades will not be cut short from any type o Only been with the service for a day now but so far they are awesome.

Super easy to s Quick easy setup with great online assistance. Live chat technical support, and instant VPS provision after payment in 10 mins.

The key element for me to choose ForexVPS is the online customer service chat room Very low latency and easy to set up. Was set up in under 5 minutes. The support team are really helpful Choose a longer billing cycle to unlock special Forex VPS discounts!

Find some answers below! What form of payments can I pay with? If you overpay, credit will be applied to your account; this allows you to prepay if desired. Account credit is always used before charging other type of payments for ongoing service if there is no active PayPal subscription.

Is there any setup or configuration required? You will be emailed all the information you need to access your Forex VPS immediately. All you will need to do is log in to your MetaTrader 4 account, or download and install other software you would like to use. We have included Chrome browser and a number of other applications pre-installed for your convenience.

Are there any contracts or renewal obligations? We provide all services on a month-to-month basis unless you have chosen to pre-pay for multiple months. Regardless of your billing cycle, there is never any obligation to renew, and no penalties for cancelling your service. I need to use a specific application. Can I do that? Our Forex VPS comes with everything you need to start trading, all included in the base price: We are the only hosting solution designed for Forex traders.

Our platform supports MetaTrader, all EAs, and is designed to be fully compatible with most Forex brokers. Safely trading currencies with MetaTrader is our top priority. Our hosting platform was designed for currency traders and no other hosting solution provides our level of security.

Our platform is fully redundant and is built in a state-of-the-art cloud hosting facility. For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript.

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Regardless of your billing cycle, there is never any obligation to renew, and no penalties for cancelling your service.

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Our VPS servers, colocated in financial data centers , deliver ultra low latency and fast execution speed for forex trading.

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