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Nov 21,  · Guppy Multiple Moving Avarages (GMMA) Trading Systems. from the GMMA all you can say is that the trend is weakening for sure. this can be evident from the space between the short term and the long term averages--it is decreasing. The Guppy Multiple Moving Average (GMMA) is a technical indicator that identifies changing trends by combining two groups of moving averages with differing time periods.

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Sistem perdagangan GMMA forex didasarkan pada indikator GMMA bersama dengan indikator konfirmasi lainnya. Jangka waktu yang digunakan untuk sistem ini adalah 5 menit atau lebih tinggi dan cocok untuk EURUSD, AUDUSD, dan pasangan GBPUSD.

Super-signals v2 indicator download Super-signals v2 indicator A very simple indicator. Super-signals v2 indicator Based on the well-kn MACD and Stochastic trading strategy. Ask any technical trader and he or she will tell you that the right indicator is needed to effectively determine the change of course in the Best Forex Indicator Combination.

The purpose is to choose the best Forex indicator combination for strategy trading. The point is to combine best Forex indicators in a right Forex Indicator mt4 Slow Stochastic. In this article lay out and discuss the indicators that are not based on a standard MetaTrader. The final identification feature is the change in frequency of the traders compression and expansion activity.

Area A covers four weeks and shows three peaks in the short term group of averages. Area B covers a similar time period, but includes only a single peak. This is a change in the nature of the trading activity. This is a classic bubble and in this case, as a classic speculative bubble. GMMA confirms what we see on the bar chart.

Trend line A defines the potential longer term up trend with EPR. The momentum driven bubble is defined by trend line B. This line hugs the fast and steep upwards move. The trader is attracted to this stock because of its low price which gives an advantage of price leverage, and by the fast breakout in December.

This price and volume change would most likely have been picked up using a basic data base scan. The trader may have hoped to lock onto a speculative trade, and by the time the decision point arrives — shown by the vertical line — he clearly understands this is a speculative bubble trade. The potential exit with EPR is based on the straight edge trend line. We might also choose to use a count back line, a 2xATR calculation, an average dollar price volatility stop, a parabolic SAR, or some other volatility based indicator.

In this type of trade we use the GMMA to confirm the existence of a bubble and to help verify the exit signal. The GMMA is not used to initiate the exit. On the bar chart the exit signal is delivered by a close below the trend line. Although we have not shown the calculations, this close is still above the count back line, the 2XATR calculation and a parabolic SAR indicator.

Do we act on the next day to get the best possible exit? The decision is easier if one of the other volatility based indicators is also flashing an exit signal, but in this case they are not. The GMMA acts as a confirmation. The 3 and 5 day moving average have already turned down on the day of the decision point line. Wait another day and the compression of the 8, 10 and 12 day averages is clear. The initial turndown of the 3 and 5 day EMA at the top of this short term group, in conjunction with the close below the trend line, confirms the exit decision.

This is not the resumption of the up trend, but it is an opportunity to get out at slightly better prices. When we apply the GMMA to assist in this type of exit it is within the context of an already identified speculative bubble. With this knowledge we are prepared to apply the GMMA in the appropriate fashion. The trend is well established and typically the trader or investor monitors this by observing the degree of parallel separation in the long term group of averages.

Our concern arises when the short term group of averages moves rapidly upwards. This matches the three days on the bar chart which have a much greater price range than normal. These days also include gap openings where the open is higher than yesterdays high. Some temporary exciting news is driving the price. This has the possibility of setting a new trend, or of being a short lived rally. This is not the same as the speculative bubble because it is built on a well established trend.

This bubble may attract some speculative activity. This is of no concern if we already hold the stock because can expect the bubble to collapse and bring prices back to the underlying trend. If we are thinking of buying KSC then it is worth waiting for the bubble to collapse. The leading indication of the weak bubble is the sudden break downwards in the 3 and 5 days EMAs, shown in the circle. The key confirmation comes when prices drop back to the trend line, and then bounce away.

The short term group of averages rapidly fall back, and then rebound. The degree of separation between the two groups of averages at this compression and rebound point remains essentially unchanged when compared with previous rebound points. These are shown by the thick black lines. When this consistent separation is also matched with a rebound from the trend line on the bar chart then we can be confident that the underlying trend is intact.

It is this combination of characteristics that allows us to treat the sudden price rise as an unthreatening bubble. The development is very short lived and it takes off from a very solid base.

This is quite different from the bubble characteristic which also threatens the end of the trend. Some bubbles smash down into the underlying trend and cause it to collapse. Ini mengurangi terjadinya perubahan trend secara tiba-tiba. Guppy dengan karakter untuk trend jangka pendek cocok bagi trader tipe rebound atau mundurnya harga secara tiba-tiba. Yang terakhir adalah hubungan antara kedua grup. Metode ini tidak akan pernah untuk terancam. Metode ini dinilai paling aman untuk kita gunakan dalam bertrading.

Fungsi Dapat disimpulkan fungsi dari Guppy MA adalah melihat trend. Tergantung dari diri kita, mau bertrading jangka pendek atau jangka panjang, kita dapat mengambil peluang untuk mendapatkan keuntungan. Taktik Berikut ini adalah beberapa taktik atau filosofi penggunaan indicator Guppy:. Dapat mengukur trend secara umum.

Mengetahui kekuatan suatu trend. Efektif dalam mengukur perubahan harga saat naik atau turun. E-mail required, but will not display. Notify me of follow-up comments. Guppy MA User Rating: Saat ini dia merupakan trader aktif yang mentradingkan berbagai produk berjangka. Kelemahan Tidak dapat dipadukan dengan moving average karena fungsinya sama yaitu untuk mengukur trend.

Belajarforex Says Berdasarkan fungsinya, indicator ini dapat menambah pengetahuan kita mengenai pengukur trend.

Mohon maaf, indicator ini tidak ada di Metatrader ataupun Netdania. Melalui pembahasan diatas, kita dapat mengetahui proses Moving Average dalam keseharian trading kita.

GMMA – Guppy Multiple Moving Average

Bubble identification The TIF chart shows the essential characteristic of a bubble.

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This is not the resumption of the up trend, but it is an opportunity to get out at slightly better prices.

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