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What are prepaid forex cards?

Purchase Prepaid Forex Card Online in India.

A forex card is your best friend on your travels abroad. It is the easiest way to carry foreign currency and pay for expenses on your overseas trips. Read More. How . forex bank card Our bank card can be used at all merchants and in all cashpoint machines that accept Visa. The card include travel insurance if you pay a minimum of 75% of your travel cost with it.

A non-credit bank card

Introduction. The power-packed ICICI Bank Travel Card is the perfect travel companion for all your international trips. It is a smart, cost effective, convenient and secure alternative to carry foreign currency while travelling abroad.

Choose to carry your foreign exchange as a forex card and just the right amount of cash on you as currency. You can also order some cash currencies along with your forex card. Eliminate the need to carry various currencies and do away with the chances of encountering fake or outdated currencies by adopting a Forex Card.

You can also withdraw cash in the local currency of the country you are in. Using our simple interface, easily load your Forex Card in India with foreign currency by paying in rupees, and use it to transact in any currency all over while travelling the world.

On returning to India, you can encash the amount remaining on your card as easily. Get monthly statements and online access to track your spending and transactions. Using our simple interface, you can choose to easily encash your foreign exchange on return from your travels.

A Forex card has two great functionalities rolled into one simple, yet powerful medium. Use it to withdraw cash, as a debit card at any point-of-sale POS and as a high security portal to make online purchases. Using your credit or debit card while abroad can expose your bank account to fraud. In order to use all of the functionalities on our homepage, and not expose your computer to security risks, we recommend that you update your current browser to a newer version.

A bank card without credit. Our bank card is a non-credit card that is connected to your account. The amount you use is drawn for your balance on the account. Our bank card is a great companion within the EU since you do not pay any fees for cash withdrawals with in the reigion. Extra travel protection is included, covering you and your family, as an add on to your other travel insurances. For more information, ask at your nearest branch.

All new cards have the functionality to make contactless payments. You can simply tap the payment terminal in the store to make your payments. The functionality is part of the standard card and cannot be removed. Mobile- and internetbank is also incluced. Using those services allows you to make payments, transfer money, check your balance and view all transactions. Apply at your nearest branch. Learn more about cookies I understand.

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Besides protecting you from currency rate fluctuations, the card offers you great discounts at merchant outlets across the globe for your dining, shopping, stay and other expenses. Du behöver flash för att kunna se filmen.

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Our bank card is a non-credit card that is connected to your account.

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