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About the RSI EA.

About the RSI EA. The RSI EA uses Relative Strength Index (RSI) to enter a trade. Entry strategy. The RSI EA has 2 entry strategies: Break in: The EA opens a trade if the RSI levels breaks into the oversold/overbought level. Jan 14,  · About our Expert Advisors (Forex Trading Robots) for Metatrader. A forex Expert Advisor (EA, Forex Trading Robots, Automated Trading Systems) is an automated trading software that automatically places, modifies and closes trades for you on your Metatrader 4 & 5 platform/5(99).

About our Expert Advisors (Forex Trading Robots) for Metatrader

Aug 12,  · RSITrail_Strategi_1 - trading by RSI and trailing orders. GridRSI_Strategi_2 - the grid strategy that is able to work in different directions from the price and (or) the balance simultaneously. TrendTrail_Strategi_3 - based on the channel breakout (the channel is formed by the EA)/5(4).

In your case, a buy trade which opened at 20 for example will get closed as soon as the RSI hits the level For the next version. I do not plan to add more features to this EA. But if I will make an mt5 version in the future, I will include it. Hello, i have a little problem with this EA, can you verify if the money management work. Because for me, it do not work for on test. I would like the RSI level to be adjustable, so that the orders were opened for example at RSI level instead of , is it possible?

At the moment it is a lifetime license. I the future I will maybe add a small annual fee for updates. Good morning, Congratulations on building EA. Or just 10 positive points? Is it possible to make changes to EA in the root?

The EA does not open more that one position at the time. Have you read the description for the Martingale Function in the functions glossary? Being that when this condition is satisfied the value of the RSI will no longer be in those levels if overbought oversold.

It always stays at 30 and How to change these? You can only change one level and the opposite level is generated automatically. If you set the RSI Level to 20, the buy level will be 20 and the sell level 80 I under stand if I set one level to 20 the other side will automatically be Can I have two exit levels, for a short trade and a different level for a long trade?

Say, enter at level 80 with exit at level 52 AND enter level 20 and exit level 48, both on the same EA on the same chart? By default, this is not possible. But you could attach the EA to 2 charts. One handles only buy trades the other only sell trades. Hello, I sent you a message in other place of you site. I think it would be better if the EA have one level for buy and another to sell. I want to know too if the EA works in renko charts. For now, you can only set one level and the opposite level is calculated automatically.

It works on some Renko charts. Please test if the basic version works with your Renko chart first. My RSI 14 has two levels: So it should open a long position when the Relative Strenght is under 30 and a short position when over 70, right? Its difficult to help you with this in the comment section. Please create a new topic in the forum. The pro version is not yet available for MT5. Before launching the EA, make sure you have the standard indicators.

The minimum deposit is not important, but remember that the minimum lot on the market is 0. Parameters There is a strategy ID at the end of each parameter. User didn't leave any comment to the rating. Eleni Anna Branou Rodrigo da Silva Boa Mew panel for monitoring trades and strategies.

New block of grid step correction in case of an error. Market entry filter now uses a wider range since the signal may fail to proceed sending order to a server. StopLoss2 - profitable grid close level in points from the last order. MaxTraid4 - limit scalper deals see Comments for details.

Adaption of the grid step changes its parameters before the grid is plotted. Added block of notifications and fixing errors of order modification. Changed order colors each strategy and direction have their own colors. Added the Scalper strategy based on a trend reversal within an hour when major participants enter the market , but at that it works by a daily trend only.

More information can be found in Comments. We have also implemented a code of the adaptive grid step analysis. For this purpose set the GridStep2 parameter to 0.

If you specify your grid step in points , the adaptive analysis will be disabled. To enable the strategy set to "true", to disable, set to "false".

The built in MM is too aggressive.

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Being that when this condition is satisfied the value of the RSI will no longer be in those levels if overbought oversold. Personal Assistant The Next Generation is there to make your trading easy, basically it does what a real assistant does — provides information and executes your orders.

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