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He is using Ichimoku Charting actively in his trading. He trades forex on a part time basis as he still hold a full time job as a consultant. , Forex Ichimoku Blog, Forex Strategy, Forex Trader, ichimoku, ichimoku cloud, ichimoku trader, ichimoku trading, trading intraday ichimoku. Location:Singapore Singapore. Thursday, June 4, Oct 31,  · Best Forex Brokers in Singapore (Updated) I decided to update this page to reflect the changes in Oanda Platform. Free Forex Training & Forex signals World Wide SFS Trader. Money Monster 2 years ago Trader September Update 2 .

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Oct 31,  · Best Forex Brokers in Singapore (Updated) I decided to update this page to reflect the changes in Oanda Platform. Free Forex Training & Forex signals World Wide SFS Trader. Money Monster 2 years ago Trader September Update 2 .

Even if one does not trade currencies directly, they relative strength of your country's currency can have an effect on its stock market. The next kind of person that really needs to pay attention to the rate is the international traveler.

A person going overseas will need to convert his or her money to the country in question's native currency. Deciding how much money to convert and when to convert it is quite a challenge, because as the markets shift, a person can gain or lose buying power very easily. What can trigger a change in the relative value of two countries' currencies? Many things can affect foreign currencies, from economic turmoil in either country, to decisions made by banks, to political and social events, any event that can affect the economy of a country can also affect the rate of that county.

Many times, a person can use these events in a country to accurately predict what that country's currency will do in relation to other currencies after the dust settles from that event.

Watching foreign currency markets is important for anybody that deals with money on an international level. From travelers to traders, a person can either make significant amounts of money or they can lose significant amounts of money depending on the current currency exchange rates.

In an economy like the world is experiencing now, exchange rates can be volatile. Having an intimate knowledge of how currency exchange rates work can save a person a lot of headache in the future, whether that person is an investor, traveler, or just a person that likes to keep track of world news.

View the original article here. There are multiple types of stops used in Forex trading. Stops are used as part of a Forex trader's tactics. If you are serious about trading currencies, you will have a Forex trading plan that will say what kind of stops you should use yourself. The break-even stop is fairly obviously used to stop a Forex trader out, in order to just break-even on trades. You might wonder why Forex traders use break-even stops, because the whole point in currency trading, is to profit.

By breaking even, all you are doing is taking back your initial investment and nothing else. However, break-even stops can be very useful and can prevent traders and investors from deducing losses whilst also allowing them to make safer investments in certain market conditions.

A trailing stop is used to lock in Forex profits; it moves up automatically as more profit is made. This way, you don't prevent making a loss, but you also consequently make no profit.

Break-even stops are used in Forex trading, mainly in times of greater volatility. If the Forex market is particularly volatile, by placing a trailing stop, you might get stopped out too soon. This is because trailing stops only allow for a little downward movement, before stopping out the currency trader using them.

So, if the market for the currency pair being traded is volatile, then a trailing stop wouldn't be particularly ideal since it could prevent a Forex trader from making a larger amount of profit. So, this can allow for greater profits to be made. Of course when using a break-even stop though, Forex traders should try to watch the market closely, because it isn't ideal to just break-even for obvious reasons.

Traders and investors in the currency market, want to maximize their profits and minimize their losses. Whilst breaking even will prevent losses, it won't increase a Forex trader's account size.

Break-even stops aren't ever necessary, but they can be useful in times of great volatility. If you wanted to be safer, you might just use a trailing stop, regardless of the FX market's conditions.

However, you might place a break-even stop-loss order if you feel that the market's volatility is particularly excessive and you feel that you could benefit from using one. In conclusion, break-even stops are mostly used by Forex traders who wish to try and make more profits in times of greater volatility. Although they tend to require more attention and are generally less safe than ordinary trailing stops, they can be used to deduce greater amounts of profit successfully in the Forex market, if used properly and effectively.

Ultimately though, it will depend on the individual Forex trader, their trading plan and their actual situation, whether or not they decide to place a break-even stop-loss order. How Forex Trading Works is a resourceful website that serves to deliver free, online content relating to Forex trading, to anyone and everyone. Some believe that technical analysis can be used in the both short run and long run, but the vast majority of Forex traders only use it in the short run.

Generally, this type of analysis is better suited to those who use more short-term Forex trading strategies, but if you are looking for long-term profits only, it doesn't mean that you can't use technical analysis too. Technical analysis is all about studying price action through various charts and graphs. Most technical traders focus on making shorter-term profits, such as scalpers and swing traders. Forex traders who look for more short-term profits, tend to try and exploit technical analysis more often because it is much more accessible.

In fundamental analysis, you have to wait for key economic data and such to be released, but with this kind of analysis, you can simply open up a chart or graph and start looking for trends immediately. Scalpers for example, would look at price charts and graphs for the currency pairs they are trading, with very tight set time frames - some Forex traders even use time frames as tight as a few seconds.

Technical analysis is flexible though; you can still look for long-term opportunities using this type of analysis. For example, you might just set the time frame of your price action charts and graphs for the currency pairs you are trading, to maybe 6 months. By doing this, you will be able to spot longer-term price action trends and patterns. This is one of the most easiest ways you can make money in the Forex market; all you have to do is discover what direction a particular currency pair's price is trending in and then place an order accordingly.

However, ensure that you are aware of short-term price volatility too, when doing this. In conclusion, technical analysis can actually be used effectively in the both short run and long run. It doesn't matter what Forex trading strategy you use; you can make use of technical analysis whatever your situation may be. Their urban population will burgeon even more, due to migration from rural areas.

However, China shares is something that I do not have a good feel of. I do not use their products or services, I can only read up on them. So investing in them will help me be part of the evolution, turning my fear into an opportunity. Posted by L at 7: Thursday, August 9, DBS finally.

Just bought DBS shares, only the minimal. Was not hungry for it, rather just bought it as the fundamentals are decent. My thinking is that there are 2 types of timing to buy shares. One is to gradually increase your investments, rather than always wait for a crash first. This should be slow and steady, and when the PE is at least not ridiculous. DBS PE ratio is around The other timing is when there is a crash, a great discount for your shopping wants. Monday, April 16, Liking for Ali again.

Bought 5 shares of Ali Baba. Used to own it with IG account, but lost interest for it to buy it back. But recently I liked it again. They worked with Starbucks to open a very futuristic Starbucks. Shows that they are keen to modernize China. Buying them might mean catching on China's growing middle class. They bought Lazada and also many other SEA companies. I like and use Lazada. They are basically capitalizing on the growth of SEA.

Had a talk with my father about my fear of China. But I understood more about the situation. You need a broker to trade in binary options. The broker will access the binary options market on your behalf and then execute your trade. You are the one to tell your broker when to sell or to buy an asset. In binary options, the financial pay off is a fixed monetary amount or nothing at all. The trade is also referred to as "all-or-nothing options. Forex Trading Singapore may be profitable exercise only if it is approached carefully and with diligence.

A good strategy for new traders is to find a reliable trader and to learn all they can about Forex Trading before they begin. Find out where and how you can trade online. Is Forex Trading Legal in Singapore? When investing capital, it is essential to understand the legal implications of your trading activity.

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