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Imperial War Museums (IWM) is a British national museum organisation with branches at five locations in England, three of which are in meadowscondominiums.gad as the Imperial War Museum in , the museum was intended to record the civil and military war effort and sacrifice of Britain and its Empire during the First World museum's remit has Director: Diane Lees. Real-time trade and investing ideas on iShares Russell Index ETF IWM from the largest community of traders and investors.

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Check out our latest blogs below. The future of EV Electric Vehicle mobility strives for a seamless integration of diverse sovereign individuals, entities and machines, together participating in a system powered by green energy flowing back and forth between batteries and points of charge distributed everywhere. Electric vehicle EV market and blockchain technology: Over the last decade electric vehicles experienced a steady growth of adoption.

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High volatility increases the cost of an option, as does the amount of time until expiry. Since more volatility and more time mean an increased chance the price could move through the strike price, this will make the options more expensive than options with lower volatility and less time till expiration. While some trader buy options, other need to write them. The writer is on the opposite side of the trade as the buyer. The writer receives the premium for writing the option. This is their maximum profit.

This could mean large losses. For example, if a trader writes a call option the option buyer has the right to buy at the strike price.

Writers can protect themselves by writing covered calls. This is a common strategy. An investor already owns shares of a company. Instead of selling the stock directly, they write call options for a strike prices above the current stock price. If the stock does rise above the strike price they simply sell the call buyer their own shares. Option writers can also use puts to accumulate a stock position they want.

Employee stock options are similar to call or put options, with a few key differences. Employee stock options normally vest rather than having a specified time to maturity.

There is also a grant price that takes the place of a strike price, which represents the current market value at the time the employee receives the options.

A contract that grants the holder the right, but not the obligation, Discover the option-writing strategies that can deliver consistent income, including the use of put options instead of limit orders, and maximizing premiums.

Futures contracts are available for all sorts of financial products, from equity indexes to precious metals. Trading options based on futures means buying call or put options based on the direction Find out four simple ways to profit from call and put options strategies. Options and futures may sound similar, but they are very different.

What is a 'Stock Option'

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