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Forex White Label – Build your Brand

Is the White Label Platform Free (yes for qualifying IBs)?.

Sep 13,  · Most new brokers start as MT4 White Labels, the outside world can't tell if a broker is a White Label or a Full Server license holder. There are pretty significant ongoing costs for having a server license beyond the licensing fees. ThinkMarkets’ White Label programme is designed to suit qualified and experience individuals (or companies) who want to become Forex brokers and create own brands in the Forex industry. It is a solution that allows you to run a regular brokerage business under your own identity and website.

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Sep 04,  · Forex White Label – Build your Brand. Organizations who want to promote or build their own brand in the Forex industry need a white label platform. Once you become a white label partner, you will have access to the same award-winning MT4 platform that most traders prefer, but it will be branded with your very own logo, Author: Ray Rosales.

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Partial vs Full White Label – Which one is right for you?

I'm not familiar with Norway registration requirements though.

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