Energy flexibility – supply will determine demand in the future.

Vasily Zaytsev

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Our innovative IT and software solutions help digitalize the future energy world. Couple the energy sectors and make sure your energy supply is flexible and sustainable. Customized solutions for the flexible combination of sustainability, profitability and reliability of supply. Our software solution makes your energy generation and consumption transparent and allows you to run correlation analyses and make information-based decisions.

Become an energy provider and offer your customers smart electricity tariffs — by minimum risk co-branding and fast entry or as a fully-fledged provider of green electricity.

From consulting and installation to hardware procurement all the way to billing and maintenance — Digital Energy Solutions is your perfect partner for smart charging solutions. Delivering that kilowatt hour at the right time and to the right place — that is the currency of the future energy world. The energy market is becoming ever more complex. If so, contact us. Partnering References Partners Team Contact us. Full Width Slider Opening doors. We partner with startups for mutual growth.

What is Innovation Boiler? We want YOU to be our long-term business partner! Partnering with Viessmann gives access to: A vast network of VCs and Universities. We will value your unique concept the way you do and take zero equity. As your official partner, our commitment to you goes beyond the implementation stage. We have long-term partnerships with several successful startups. Viessmann connected us to the right decision makers at Germany's hidden champions, among others Miele, or Goldbeck.

Thanks to these connections, we were able to gain new customers and create powerful partnerships. Our collaboration with Viessmann was very cooperatively in all projects. After the war, Zaytsev settled in Kiev , where he studied at a textile university before he obtained employment as engineer. He rose to become the director of a textile factory in Kiev, and remained in that city until he died in at the age of 76, just 10 days before the final dissolution of the Soviet Union.

He was initially buried in Kiev despite his final request to be buried at Stalingrad. Zaytsev's dying wish was to be buried at the monument to the defenders of Stalingrad. His coffin was carried next to a monument where his famous quote is written: Colonel Donald Paquette of the US Sniper School was present and laid a wreath as a sign of respect to a legendary sniper. He is a legend in the sniper community. May he rest in peace.

The Battle for Stalingrad , which includes a "sniper's duel" between Zaytsev and a Wehrmacht sniper school director, Major Erwin König. Zaytsev himself indicates in his own memoirs that a three-day duel did indeed occur and that the sniper he killed was the head of a sniper school near Berlin. However, there is no evidence that any Major Erwin König ever existed, despite the claim made by the Armed Forces Museum of Moscow that they are in possession of his telescopic sight.

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He then returned to the front and finished the war in Seelow Heights in Germany with the military rank of Captain.

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