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Clearing paper jams. To avoid tearing the paper, pull the jammed paper out slowly and gently. In tray. Click this link to open an animation about clearing a jam. Inside the machine. Click this link to open an animation about clearing a jam. The fuser area is hot. Take care when removing paper from the machine. Significance. In this report we describe the generation of tissue-regenerative multipotent stem cells (iMS cells) by treating mature bone and fat cells transiently with a growth factor [platelet-derived growth factor–AB (PDGF-AB)] and 5-Azacytidine, a demethylating compound that is widely used in clinical practice.

Luminance & Contrast

Full directions come with all products. The back of the bottle has all the information you need. But remember, this is a natural supplement that does not carry the risk of side effects that medications do.


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An integrated camera is documenting the measurement set-up.

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