CNS is the Global Leader of Managed Virtual Private Servers (VPS) for Algorithmic Trading.

Best Forex VPS for financial trading! We are the home of the Broker's trading servers!.

reviews and ratings, a forex VPS service rated and reviewed by forex traders. Start your Forex VPS for automatic trading. 24/7 Live Support & Uptime for your broker software. We have locations available in London, New York, Amsterdam and more. Best server locations for Forex trading with low latency. Supported with MT4, cTrader and /10().

Why The Best Choose CNS?

ShapeHost is a new service provider who provides not only Forex VPS, but also SEO tools, web surfing, game servers, VPN, and others. They named their plans after geometric shapes such as Triangle, Square, Rectangle, and Circle.

A good VPS company maintains their own servers, where they can regularly check up on their equipment to make sure everything is safe and fully operational.

In fact, most companies guarantee a Kill Slippage — As most traders know all too well — particularly scalpers — price slippage affects your ability to make money through your trading. You wait for your internet connection to communicate this information to your trading platform and broker.

After several seconds of waiting on your sluggish connection to play catch up, you come to find that your order order is filled at A two-point difference may not sound like much, but in a game of inches, every pip counts. With a Forex VPS, your trades are executed much quicker because the data is transmitted at a faster rate, unhindered by the programs slowing down your own PC.

They operate servers in three European data centers, locations include: Cyprus, Malta, and the United Kingdom. The company is licensed and headquartered in Cyprus. Their Forex servers are compatible with all Forex brokers and trading platforms.

The company uses its servers in London, New York, Frankfurt, and Amsterdam to service individual investors, algorithmic trading firms, and even large financial institutions. Great hardware, low latency, excellent prices — recommended. BeeksFinancialCloud was founded in , headquartered in London, and provides low-latency VPS solutions to retail traders.

The company has servers in seven global data centers and was founded by business and investment professionals. Their fibre-optic network lines are capable of transferring data at speeds between 1 Gbps and 10 Gbps. New York, London, Amsterdam, and Frankfurt. TradingFxVPS caters to traders and firms utilizing complex automated trading techniques. Unfortunately eForexVPS does not provide any company background information.

They also appear to resell their services, which is not ideal. Each Forex VPS also includes a pre-installed MT4, provides mobile access, firewall protection, and can run on various Linux and Windows operating systems. Overall, eForexVPS is a reliable VPS provider capable of executing multiple trades from multiple accounts instantaneously, and is suitable for investors of all sizes.

Available server locations include: New York, London, Manchester, or Zurich. Their focus lies in providing quality hosting solutions to. Overall I am very happy that my strategy working good. I'm nextpointhost client since Thanks to their vps hosting I have been successful trading and my profit growing constantly.

Also thanks for the good support of Nextpointhost team. Best Regards from Germany. Those vps hosting is my best decision. I'm Jan from Switzerland. I'm an engineer but whole-hearted at forex trading. As a technical human I choose NextPoint servers, because of no downtimes, low latency and always up system. Host for FX brokers' trading servers, Direct connections to many additional brokers and ultra-low latency to others result in exponentially faster delivery of your trade order to your broker.

Low latency means no ticks are lost in transit, so you receive every single tick. This is important because trading software can only work when it receives a tick. We operate our own strategically placed network and so the buck stops here when it comes to your uptime and quality of service. The Forex Virtual Private Server a. Here are the reasons you might to consider switch your trading on a Forex VPS instead of trading on your own computer directly: Trade even if your power or internet connectivity goes out.

Be independent from power supply and Internet provider. Trade anywhere from any kind of device. Ability to store files on your own online hard disk. The forex trading is business with high risk, where no one share completely what exactly doing.

Keep in mind that what may work very nicely for someone else may be a disaster for you. Conversely, that has been discounted by others, may turn out to be right for you. This means you need to use VPS server at least months, then personal to see how much your profits will be increased.

They comes with preinstalled terminals and AlwaysUP protection. All you will need to do is log in to your MetaTrader 4 account, or download and install other software you would like to use.

Our highly profitable forex servers use the same OS as your local PC.


Best VPS I ever used.

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Your site can grow to receive more visitors without you having to eat the higher cost and hardware responsibility of a dedicated server.

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