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Mit unserem unabhängigen, kostenlosen und praktischen Vergleichsrechner für Aktiendepots können sie in wenigen Minuten den passenden Anbieter für den Handel mit Wertpapieren finden.

Weitere Informationen finden Sie in folgendem Artikel: Für Kunden, deren Konten innerhalb des chinesischen Festlands registriert sind.

Die Gebühr wird allen Kunden erlassen, die Provisionen in Höhe von mindestens 5. Sollzinsen - Zinssatz auf in Anspruch genommene Kredite zum Börsenhandel. Habenzinsen - Zinssatz auf Bargeldguthaben. CFD-Positionen welche am selben Tag eröffnet und geschlossen werden sind zinsfrei. Für offene Short-Positionen werden Zinsen gutgeschrieben.

Die Anwendung erfolgt in Form eines Mischsatzes auf die nominalen Beträge, wie nachstehend aufgeführt: Hinweis Der Kunde ist im vollen Umfang für seinen eigenen Handel verantwortlich.

Diese Webseite verwendet Cookies , die für eine verbesserte Nutzung der Website, sowie der Analyse für eine weitere Verbesserung genutzt werden.

Mehr Infos finden Sie in der Datenschutzerklärung und im Impressum. Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika; Kürzel: Baltic Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania. Skandinavien Dänemark, Finnland, Norwegen, Schweden. Free Research and News Services. Publishes articles on stock, sector news and market commentary to financial analysis and industry research.

Real-time coverage of corporate actions in the region as well as major large caps globally. Provides high level coverage of major stock market events and economic indicators, with as many as stories per day. Econoday Provides unbiased, jargon-free, market-focused analysis written by a team of senior economists. Data includes the prior release, revision to the prior release, consensus, and actual data. Key events are ranked to make sure investors know which event matters most to the market.

Daily and weekly articles broaden the coverage to include market activity generally, such as updates on stocks, bonds and currencies. The firm delivers research for improving visibility and increasing investor understanding of all the companies.

Equity fundamental and economic estimates crowdsourced from buy side, independent and amateur analysts. A global examination of every major ETF category including stocks, bonds, real estate, commodities and currencies is provided.

Event Shares EventShares believes legislation and government regulation can be leading investment indicators. EventShares analyses the political news and provides insight for long term investment opportunities. IB Market Signals Scans market irregularities for price and volumes and generates market signal alert. Social Sentiment Determines the sentiment of a news or information and alerts users of its potential impact. RedSky News feed Redsky Markets a data analytics company that has developed a proprietary software language allowing for rapid queries of large data set.

Redsky provides real time alerts via text message RSS feed on mobile app. Provides research articles covering broad range of stocks, ETS and investment strategies. Insights are provided by buy side investors and industry expert. Real-time financial communications platform for financial and investing community.

StockTwits offers low latency streams through consumer facing application as well as raw, structured data. Evaluates public stock recommendation made by financial analysis and financial bloggers. The ratings and forecast report incorporates the outputs from all of their proprietary models and includes a valuation overview, rating, fail value assessment, return forecasts, market ratio-based valuations, comparable stock analysis, and complete company financials.

Recherchedatendienste Die Datendienste zur Recherche für jede Region beinhalten das folgende: Premium Nachrichten Auf ein Logo klicken, um mehr über den Rechercheprovider herauszufinden und ein Beispielreport anzusehen. This market coverage informs investors which stocks are moving, which are about to move, and why. Keeps investors fully informed on portfolios and the markets in general.

The Fly financial market experts understand that news impacting stock prices can originate from anywhere, at any time. The team scours all sources of company news, from mainstream to cutting edge, then filters out the noise to deliver short-form stories consisting of only market moving content.

With up-to-the minute coverage of equities US and Canada , commodities, options, bonds, FX and all global economic events. Comprehensive US and European company coverage. Around-the-clock market summaries of US, European and Asian markets including overnight summaries, pre-market futures trading updates and sector highlights. Streetinsider Premium offers members a hard hitting, market moving news feed that weeds out non-actionable items. Some key trading categories covered include: Thomson Reuters provides a wide range of business-critical information for actionable insight.

The news feature will automatically get the most recent stories for all contracts on the active page. Subscription service for company data including but not limited to financial ratios, recommendations, financial statements, forecasts, comparable companies, and dividend calendar. Includes all companies covered by Thomson Reuters.

Ala Carté Recherche Abonnementpreise Auf ein Logo klicken, um mehr über den Rechercheprovider herauszufinden und ein Beispielreport anzusehen. Stories available include over 8, U. The API uses sophisticated news filters, allowing investors access to stories based on preferences by sentiment, impact, exposure, and reliability. Their focus is on the US stock market and market sectors, US interest rates, the US Dollar, and economically influential commodities like gold, crude oil, and copper.

On the off-weeks, Bullseye sends a Sunday night roadmap for the week ahead, as well as a midweek podcast with insight from some of the most respected money managers on Wall Street. Bullseye looks for companies with a compelling fundamental story, data which supports his thesis, and a newsy hook which makes people lean in. The firm produces detailed research reports, buy and sell recommendations, and tools to create and monitor security portfolios.

The machine intelligence model is designed to use proprietary news alerts and displays ahead of web content, creating a potential window of opportunity. They focus on predicting intraday trading signals in time frame from 5 minutes to 4 hours. These time frames make us less susceptible to HFT and shields us against overnight risk. Economatica provides the information investors need to make better investment decision with a cloud-based platform that helps analyse securities and portfolios with the flexibility to meet an investors unique needs.

These user-friendly tools allow investors to extract value from essential financial information and achieve the best investment results. The database also contains quant algorithms, event-driven strategies, and corporate intelligence. FinGraphs focusses on the essentials of any technical analysis decision making process.

It allows users to instantly assess potential trends, possible price target zones and risk levels. The company offers research reports that provide recommendations based on the research of credit quality, capital structure, valuation and market prices, intraday comments, which provides analysis of the implications of events and market activities; and credit scores, which are forward looking quantitative indicators for companies.

Hammerstone market feeds, is an instant message stream for traders, providing subscribers with up-to-the-minute breaking news headlines and an analysis of the factors that drive the market. Their morning commentary provides concise, fundamental analysis on all the major market segments, including grains, livestock, financial markets, metals, energy, and soft commodities.

Also includes a weekly market letter released Friday afternoons for up-to-date ideas and strategies to start the next trading week. Updated daily, the research looks at short and intermediate term strengths and weaknesses and provides specific, actionable recommendations. A Calendar of Technical Events alerts investors to changes in pertinent technical indicators. Their quantitative research system grades each company across 24 fundamental metrics across four core categories: On a daily basis MRP scans hundreds of data and news sources looking for disruptive events that are unfolding around the world and compiles the most investment-relevant information into a Daily Intelligence Briefing report.

Morningstar Corporate Rating measures the ability of a firm to satisfy its debt and debt-like obligations. New Constructs, LLC is an equity research firm specializing in quality-of-earnings, forensic accounting, and discounted cash flow valuation analyses for public companies. The firm provides ratings on company stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds. The firm provides the most attractive and most dangerous stocks report including stocks to buy in large-cap and small-cap range.

OTR Global provides ongoing marketplace research services for institutional investors across various sectors in the United States and internationally. PropThink provides specific long and short trading ideas to investors in the healthcare and life sciences sectors and identifies and analyses technically complicated companies and equities that are grossly over-or under-valued. With close to two decades of institutional experience across asset classes, Neil interprets the day-to-day economic, policy and strategy developments and provides actionable trading ideas for investors.

Four publications are produced a week. It offers video-on-demand with unique peer-to-peer conversations between leading industry figures. The long-form content approach results in a high level discussion with deep industry insights. Recommendations are based on fundamental financial analysis complemented by technical inputs.

The service is a comprehensive tool for analysis and development of actionable investment ideas. With new datasets appearing daily, the job of an investor continues to grow more challenging and complex. Sentieo is a financial data platform underpinned by search technology.

The report is modelled after morning trading notes that are the staple of virtually every institutional trading desk in the world. Sevens Report was created to provide advisors with an independent analyst to communicate with them daily at 7AM and quickly identify potential risk and opportunities for Stocks, Bonds, Currencies and Commodities.

Slingshot Insights focuses on fulfilling specific interview requests for investors on stocks and records and transcribes telephone interviews. With specific buy, hold, or sell recommendations for over 4, U. Products are based on their proprietary methodology for constructing, tracking, and ranking sectors, industry groups, and stocks. It offers data feeds of corporate calendar dates including earnings releases, conference calls, ex-dividend dates, investor conferences, and more.

Professional services issue daily Elliot Wave and Action Reaction line analysis covering a wide range of markets. WaveStructure uses a proprietary computer based Elliot Wave system that applies a single unified set of rules and conditions to the analytical process, reducing human input and eliminating the possibility of bias.

They provide a Fundamental Analysis report with recommendations and up to date target prices, and their Technical Analysis Strategies on various time horizons, including intraday strategies. Edelmetalle Niedrige Spreads und flexibler Hebel. Termingeschäfte Enge Spreads über alle Symbole. Jetzt mit dem Handel beginnen Free demo included. Konto eröffnen Bin ich berechtigt? Jetzt mit dem Handel beginnen Demokonto eröffnen.

Kein Download nötig Erfahren Sie mehr. Sofort jetzt verfügbar Für sichere und schnelle Ein- und Auszahlungen. Jetzt mit dem Handel beginnen.

Monatliche Grundgebühren oder zusätzliche Kosten für den Handel gibt es nicht. Zwar unterscheiden sich die Kontotypen auch hinsichtlich der verfügbaren Software, doch es ist positiv hervorzuheben, dass alle Konten kostenlos eröffnet werden können. Sie helfen, auch unterwegs immer auf dem Laufenden zu bleiben und Chancen an den Kapital- und Rohstoffmärkten zu nutzen. Ein Demokonto kostenlos eröffnen , das über 30 Tage hinweg genutzt werden kann, bietet zusätzlich die Chance, erste Erfahrungen ganz ohne Risiko zu sammeln.

Der Broker ist daneben auch auf dem Gebiet des Social Trading aktiv. Über die Trading-Community ist es möglich, erfolgreiche Trader zu finden und deren Strategien zu analysieren.

Auf Wunsch ist es im Anschluss möglich, die Trades der erfolgreichen Händler zu kopieren und an deren Erfolg teilzuhaben. Das Kopieren der Trades kann sowohl automatisiert wie auch manuell erfolgen.

Neben günstigen Konditionen überzeugen zudem die zur Verfügung stehenden Handelsplattformen und das kostenfreie Demokonto. Mit einem Differenzkontrakt können Anleger sowohl auf steigende wie auch auf fallende Kurse eines Basiswertes spekulieren, wobei als Basiswerte neben Devisen auch Zinsen, Aktien, Indizes und Rohstoffe in Frage kommen können.

In diesem Zusammenhang ist es beispielsweise auch möglich, einen CFD auf den DAX zu vereinbaren, um sowohl bei steigenden wie auch bei fallenden Kursen zu profitieren. Bei der Auswahl des Brokers für den CFD Handel ist es daher auch wichtig, einen Anbieter zu finden, der zahlreiche Basiswerte offeriert, um in mehreren Assetklassen handeln und Chancen nutzen zu können. Hierfür müssen Trader die Kurse jedoch kontinuierlich im Blick haben und können z. Vielmehr leisten Anleger lediglich eine Sicherheitsleistung, die so genannte Margin, die auf einem separaten Konto hinterlegt wird.

Da die Margin-Leistung nur ein Bruchteil des Handelswertes ausmacht, ergibt sich ein Hebel, durch den Gewinne deutlich maximiert werden können. Je nach Broker können Hebel zwischen 1: Mit einigen Handelsplattformen ist es Anlegern sogar individuell möglich, den Hebel für ein bestimmtes Geschäft selbst festzulegen. Zu den Chancen gehört zweifelsfrei, dass Anleger mit einem eher geringen Geldeinsatz hohe Handelsvolumen erreichen und so attraktive Gewinne erzielen können.

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