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What I love about the 4Runner is the outstanding power, driver comfort, cargo capacity and fold down back seats, decent sound system and styling. What I would probably think could have been done better is the radio and climate control buttons, but I am being picky here/5(87).

Dark Knight , Mar 4, Feb 23, Member: Jan 29, Member: Got them in about a week and love the look. Ordered them in high gloss gun metal to go with my MGM 4Runner.

Having my new tires mounted on them in a couple hours, I'll post pictures when done. PVT Pablo , Mar 5, I'm stoked on them and glad I decided on these over the factory Trd Pros. I like the option of having the 8" wide wheel. I am also stoked on the rear all weather cargo mat he was able to order me since I have 3rd row seating and Toyota only has it available in Canada and they won't ship to the U.

Amazing customer service from FN Wheels. Firemn41 , Mar 5, They rub slightly on the lower inner edge of the front wheel liner also which could easily be trimmed.

I have a 3" toytec ultimate lift sitting on the shelf which I will be installing in a week or two though so i'm not worried. Excuse the dirty truck and tires lol she'll get a bath tomorrow.

Jun 8, Member: Dose any one know what the offset on these wheels are also the trd and stock ones? Colorado 4runner , Mar 7, I believe 0 offset 4. They could easily be trimmed however I have a lift ready to go in, just waiting on the time to install it.

Oct 8, Member: The other positive on the FN rims is they are actually available. It turns out the TRD rims are in such high demand that they are out of stock everywhere according to all the chat online from folks trying to find them. MRM69 , Mar 25, Jul 2, Member: What a great addition to the build. Thanks to Dustin at FN. Jun 28, Member: DrewMan , justinfro , jester and 1 other person like this. Jul 12, Member: Bill Bloomfield, NM Vehicle: Dec 28, Member: I have actually spoken even with one of their owners!

I have been using their services for about a year already and hope I am going to stay with them for a long time. They are able to accept the payment made through Visa credit card without any intermediates. They platform works pretty fast. This broker is the best to me. I have nothing negative to say about this broker. They offer great spreads, their platform is great and their services are excellent.

They do not do re-quotes! There are neither hidden fees nor commissions. I am glad that I manage to find a broker whom I trust. I and other traders who make a group use the same EA. We searched for a reliable broker for several months and finally found this one. We tried it out for some time and the got live trading accounts. We are glad to find a reliable STP. We can use our EA with no problems. We can do scalping as well. I have checked for many brokers and think that this one offer many great tools and option to be great to every trader.

I have been trading with them for two weeks already and think that they are great. You will get pretty low spreads. No problems with execution were noticed. I only dislike that they do not offer free VPS. However, this is not essential so far, so generally I glad with them. I am giving them rating 9 out of I have five the best broker and this one if my list.

I like that they offer fixed spread. The execution of their platform is pretty fast. I have read many good things about this broker. Their spreads are just great. My rating is 9 out of I would recommend this broker. Low spreads, excellent customer support, charts awesome. Fast setting up an account and fast deposits. This broker you can trust. I like several things about this broker.

They offer MT4; you can use PayPal and credit card to make deposit with them; their customer support is reliable; their spreads are low; they offer a web-based platform. This is why I trade with them.

It is very fast to set up an account and make a deposit. I was able to trade live in just three hours! They spreads are really low! Have had no problems with them. I use their MT4 and make deposits with PayPal. I like that they offer low spreads. I found this broker on earnforex. This broker seems to be pretty good. I did not like their technical support. They are quite rude. After I spoke to them, I did not even think of opening an account with them.

I need the broker whom I can trust. I like that I found this broker. They offer low spread and their customer services are great. I like this broker offering straight through processing. The order execution is fast. You can scalp here and I know that they are not marker makers.

Before I started to trade with them, I checked on two other brokers. Their customer support is excellent. They are market makers. Do not believe that they are ECN. You will lose your money if you trade with them. Stay away from them! This broker is developing pretty fast.

I have read many good reviews on them. Traders will find lots of attractive options with them. It took only two hours to set up an account and make a deposit with them. Additionally, I got a bonus with them. I have checked on this broker and think that they are really professionals.

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I have read many good reviews on them. Mit anderen Worten, das niedrigst mögliche.

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